Scarlet Begonias Studio

Scarlet Begonias Studio is Toronto's first and only tattoo and photography studio. 

Located in the borough of East York,  Scarlet Begonias Studio focuses primarily on custom, original work for their various clients. 

Responsible Tattooing Promise:

Scarlet Begonias Studio holds the well being of our customers in the highest regard. As a result, we follow all Toronto Health Board regulations. Furthermore, we are a 100% disposable shop, meaning everything that we use during our set up (excluding the machine and power supply) goes in the garbage once each tattoo is completed to avoid chances of cross contamination. All of our disposable equipment is individually prepackaged from Canadian industry recognized suppliers only. Trends come and go but tattoos last forever. We want your tattoo to last the test of time as longevity of tattooing matters, so we do not offer micro tattoos, glow in the dark ink or white ink tattoos. We do not tattoo persons under the age of 18, with or without parent consent.   

Our Green Initiative:

Scarlet Begonias Studio has made it a mission to balance responsible and sustainable tattooing. With the rise of climate change, we are making serious efforts to lower our carbon footprint without compromising the quality or safety of tattooing. We recycle packaging from our needles and tubes where we can before they come in contact with bio. We use medical grade vegan inks, use mineral based glides instead of traditional petroleum jelly and have adopted a no palm oil policy when catering events. We contribute monthly to the Wilderness Committee of Canada. As of 2019, we have a tree planting initiative. For each tattoo we are pledging to plant one tree.

You can read more about climate change and palm oil farming here

Services  Offered

Custom tattooing

Commissioned artwork

Photo restoration 

On location and in studio photography


647 705 5445

1188 Woodbine Ave